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Tyrena was the daughter of the last Khanar (ruler) of Tilbor. She was sometimes called "Khanara" although never officially, and for a while was the regent for her sick father and de-factor ruler of Tilbor.[1]

Her father, Khanar Eleonyd, was not a very strong ruler.[2] He listened to his wife and got good advice. However, she died giving birth to Tyrena. Eleonyd listened to his daughter, but not enough.

Eleonyd tried to marry Tyrena to Rhecyrd, from a northern clan. Tyrena, though, wanted to rule in her own right. That caused a struggle between traditional northern clans, who would not support a female rulers, and who wanted Rhecyrd on the throne; and the southerners who knew and trusted Tyrena.

The struggle got ugly, but before a full-blown civil war, Tilbor got conquered by Lord Chayar of Telaryn.[3] Tyrena fled to Bovaria with all her jewels, and probably married a Bovarian High Holder: Iraya or Ryel.

Tyrena was very blond and very strong-willed, as good with arms, if not better, than her father.[2]

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