Type Country
Within Lydar
Capital Solis
Universe Imager Portfolio

Telaryn was a country on the continent of Lydar.

History Edit

The country was created when Hengyst, the ruler of Ryntar, conquered Tela in a decade-long war.[1] Hengyst's dynasty ruled Telaryn until his grandson eventually lost to the Yaran lords of Montagne.

During the Quaeryt series, shortly before 1 A.L., the country was ruled by the Yaran lords, most recently Lord Bhayar.

Armed Forces Edit

The army was organized in regiments, battalions, companies and squads. The ranks were:

RankCollar InsigniaTypical Command
MarshalSilver Starbursts[2]Army, a group of regiments
SubmarshalSingle Star[3]
CommanderGold Crescent Moon[4][5]One or a few regiments
SubcommanderSilver Crescent Moon[4][6]Regiment[7]
Squad LeaderSquad
Ranker (private)N/A

Double moons was a generic officer's cap insignia.[8]

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