Type Country
Within Lydar
Capital L'Excelsis
Universe Imager Portfolio

Solidar was a country in the continent of Lydar; that filled the entire continent. By the time if the Rhenn series, Solidar was used to refer to both the land and the political entity.

History Edit

  • Centures before 745 A.L.: Rex Regis unifies Lydar and renames it Solidar: centuries and centuries before, supposedly by those of Rex Regis, after he had taken L’Excelsis from the Bovarians and made it the capital of the land he had unified and renamed Solidar.[1]
  • Year 1 A.L. was when Variana became L'Excelsis.[2]
  • Rex Charyn is the last Rex of Solidar; founding of the Council: Charyn. He was the last rex of Solidar, and the one who founded the first Council[1]
  • 350: It has been largely stable since about about 350 A.L.: what government structure in the world has changed the least over the past four centuries.[3]
  • Ianus 763 A naval Solidar force, with imagers aboard, attacks and destroys most of Ferran coastal cities and ports, forcing Ferrum's surrender[4]

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