Biographical Information
Full Name Rhennthyl
Date of Birth 731 A.L.
Birthplace L'Excelsis, Solidar
Current Residence Collegium Imago, Solidar
Occupation(s) Imager
Moral Alignment Good
Physical Description
Gender Male
Race  ???
Hair Color  ???
Eye Color  ???
Skin Color  ???
Relatives Father Chenkyr; mother Maelyna; brother Rousel; sister Khethila; brother Culthyn; daughter (with Seliora) Diestrya
Love Interest(s) Seliora
Affiliation Collegium Imago
Powers and Abilities
Powers  ???
Weaknesses  ???
Equipment  ???
Publishing Details
First Appearance Imager
Last Appearance Imager's Intrigue

Rhennthyl is an imager.

He is the eldest son of Chenkyr D'Factorius and Maelyna D'Chenkyr. He had two younger brothers; Rousel D'Factorius (now deceased, and survived by his widow Remaya and son Rheityr) and Culthyn D'Chenkyr, and a sister Khethila D'Chenkyr (by Imager's Intrigue she gains the status of a full factor and the requisite name change to D'Factoria).

Born in 731 in the city of L'Excelsis, he graduated grammaire in 745. He did not prove to have the temperament nor skills to follow in his father's wool business (Alusine Wool), and was accepted as an apprentice to master portraiturist Caliostrus. In 755 Rhennthyl was left destitute after a curious fire destroyed the studio of Master Caliostrus and took his life as well as that of his son Ostrius. It was during this year that Rhennthyl discovered his emerging imaging abilities. After failing to find a position with another master portraiturist, he crossed the Bridge of Hopes to Imagisle (location of the main campus of the Collegium Imago, where persons with imaging abilities are trained and developed). After successully displaying imaging ability, he was accepted into the Collegium.

Due to the strong capabilities he innately possesed and would develop, he rose quickly in the ranks of imagers, gaining master level within a year. Due to several situations he was instrumental in resolving, he became Collegium liaison to the Civic Patrol in L'Excelsis. After further adventures he became a Patrol Captain in the Third District.

After the bombardment of Imagisle and the deaths of senior imagers Dichartyn and Poincaryt, Rhennthyl was recalled to the Collegium to assume the duties of directing Collegium security.

He developed a relationship with Seliora D'Shelim prior to his arrival at Imagisle, and this continued and strengthened during the intervening years, eventually resulting in marriage and the birth of their daughter Diestrya (in honor of her maternal great-grandmother).