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The Rex (king) Regis was a ruler who conquered Bovaria, unified the countries of Lydar, and created the large state of Solidar. He was probably the first Rex of Solidar.

This was probably around 1 A.L., as it's likely that during his reign, the city known as Variana (the capital of Bovaria) became L'Excelsis.

Here is what we know about Regis so far:

  • Rex Regis, after he had taken L’Excelsis from the Bovarians and made it the capital of the land he had unified and renamed Solidar[1]
  • the early imagers, especially those serving Rex Regis, had been a necessary adjunct to the power of the rex[2]
  • After the great imager of Rex Regis razed the walls of L’Excelsis and destroyed a third of the Bovarian population, and then created, or re-created, the Council Chateau[3]
  • Bovarian, as it had adapted since Rex Regis had unified all of Solidar[4]

The final book of the Quaeryt series is called Rex Regis.[5]

Speculation Edit

Based on Lord Bhayar's defeat of the Bovarian forces at Variana in 30 AQ, and the death of Rex Kharst during the battle, Regis is probably Bhayar, and his "great imager" is Quaeryt Rytersyn.[6]

Background Edit

Rex means "king" in Latin; Regis is "royal" (or of the king). So Rex Regis is "Royal King"; although Bovarian is not Latin.

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