Quaeryt Rytersyn
Quaeryt (from Princeps Tor 2012)
Universe Imager Portfolio
Sex M
Spouse Vaelora Chayardyr

Quaeryt Rytersyn was the main character of the Quaeryt series. His name was pronounced "Qware-it".[1]

He limped because his left leg was slightly shorter than his right. Qaueryt's his skin was slightly darker than his wife's pale honey skin.[2] He had black eyes and white-blond hair.[3]

Biography Edit

Quaeryt was born in 0 AQ, probably in Telaryn. He was orphaned at a young age; his parents died of the Great Plague, and in a place where no one knew their names. The Scholars took him in. His first name meant something like "questioner", because he asked questions as soon as he could talk in their language.[4] He was given the last name (patronymic) of Rytersyn. Ryter was the most common name in Telaryn and that a great proportion of orphans bore the surname Rytersyn.[5]

He left before finishing schooling, around and spent six years at sea, before returning back to the Scholars.[6] His sea career was approximately from 13 AQ to 19 AQ; he served as a quartermaster's apprentice. On the other hand, he served more than three years at sea.[7] The position meant navigator (rather than supply officer).[8]

He became a scholarly adviser of the ruler of Telaryn, Lord Bhayar. Knowing the dislike and often outright persecution of imagers, he had hidden his abilities. In 29 AQ Bhayar sent Quaeryt to the recently conquered province, Tilbor.[9]

Later that year, Bhayar commanded a marriage between his youngest sister Vaelora Chayardyr and Quaeryt.[10]

Quaeryt served as the governor of Montagne for two months.

In 30 AQ, a year after his departure from Solis, Qaueryt was a Subcommander in Bhayar's army advancing on Bovaria, after commanding a small imager force which was instrumental in defeating the Bovarian invasion near Ferravyl.[11]

After playing a major role in the battle at Variana where Telaryn forces defeated Rex Kharst, Quaeryt was promoted to Commander.[12]

Shortly afterwards, a year and a half after his departure from Solis, in 30 AQ, Quaeryt and Vaelora were sent by Bhayar as his envoys to Khell.[13] Within less than half a year the Telaryn forces conquered Antiago, due largely to Quaeryt and the Imagers under his command.[14]

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