Biographical Information
Full Name Poincaryt
Date of Birth  ???
Birthplace  ???
Current Residence Collegium Imago, Solidar
Moral Alignment Good
Physical Description
Gender Male
Race Solidarian
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Publishing Details
First Appearance Imager
Last Appearance Imager's Intrigue

Poincaryt is a Maitre D'Esprit imager and Head of Collegium Imago.


Poincaryt possesses "a lined and squarish face", a "slightly pointed and rounded" chin, "jet-black hair and heavy eyebrows" and "pale gray eyes". Like all imagers, he wears "exactly the same gray garb", but also wears "a small silver four-pointed star circled in silver" which is "worn high on the left breast of his waistcoat".[1]


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