L'Excelsis map
Ferravyl to Variana

Three maps colorized for easier reading. The Lydar was colorized from the original from the books, the names of rivers added when these were identified, and a few additional towns and a couple of rivers were added based on the text of the books. The L'Excelsis map was colorized and rotated so north is at top. The third map was composed from comments in the text of one novel to follow the military action on this stretch of the river. The author of the first two maps was not indicated on the maps themselves. I make no claim for copyright.

Character listsEdit

Assassin's Price Characters

Assassin's Price characters

Characters - Imager
Madness in Solidar Characters

Madness in Solidar characters

Character lists for three of the Imager novels, modified by me while reading the novels to help me follow the action.