In the Saga of Recluce fictional universe, Mirror Lancers was the premier armed service of the Empire of Cyador.

In addition to the military force, Mirror Lancers officers and their direct families also constituted a type of military nobility, collectively referred to as altage, and their family name suffixed by 'alt.[1]

The grades are as follows:[2]

Undercaptain -- insignia -- single silver bar
Captain -- insignia -- linked double bars
Overcaptain -- insignia -- linked double bars with an arch over them
Sub-Majer -- insignia -- linked triple silver bars
Majer -- insignia -- miniature crossed silver lances

Commander - insignia -- single silver star [sunburst style]
Captain-Commander -- insignia-- single silver star, crossed with silver lances
Majer-Commander -- insignia -- two silver stars, crossed with lances

The ranker structure is simpler:

Junior squad leader
Squad leader
Senior squad leader

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