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This is a publicly editable wiki for information of the fictional universes of L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Mr. Modesitt is a popular author of science fiction and fantasy, and there are a number of web pages for information about his books. However, there are no general-purpose, easily-updated pages.

Web sites created by individuals are excellent, but often fall behind due to lack of time on the part of the creator. This wiki is intended to be more up-to-date, by allowing visitors instant editing access. Editors are welcome, as are casual readers!


Existing Sites

Fictional Universes

Saga of Recluce
A universe of Chaos and Order.
Spellsong Cycle
A world where music is magic.
Corean Chronicles
A world of disquiet and war, where ancient races wield powers of Talent and Lifeforce from behind the scenes.
Imager Portfolio
Maps and other reference information about the world of Imagers, who, with talent and skill can image things into being.


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