Type City
Within Lanachrona
Universe Corean Chronicles

Krost was a city in Lanachrona.

During Alucius's life, it was larger than Borlan, but around half the size of Hieron. It was near the wine-making area of Vyan Hills; to the southeast of the city were rows of grape vines. Korst was a city of wine merchants and glassworks; the wine from Vyan Hills was bottled in Krost and sold across Corus. Korst also produced wine goblets. Near the city was a hill with fine sand suitable for making glass.

Lanachrona maintained Krost Post just west of the city, suitable for housing and training 10-15 companies. Captain-Colonel Jesopyr commended the post when Alucius visited it on his way to Tempre.[1]

At his second visit, Captain-Colonel Jorynst was in command.[2]

Krost was one of the nodes on "the square", the High Roads between Tempre, Krost, Syan, and Hyalt.[3]

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