The Imager Portfolio fictional universe consists of:

  1. Imager
  2. Imager's Challenge
  3. Imager's Intrigue
  4. Scholar
  5. Princeps (May 22, 2012)[1]
  6. Imager's Battalion scheduled for January 2013[2]
  7. Antiagon Fire (May 28, 2013)
  8. Rex Regis:[3] last book about Quaeryt Rytersyn (Januray 2014)
  9. Treachery's Tools (October 2016)[4]
  10. Assassin’s Price

General Information Edit

Metrology Edit

Distance Edit

The distance was measured in

  • Digits
  • Feet: one foot was 10 digits[5]
  • Yards[6]: one yard was 40 digits[7]
  • Milles: a mille was 2000 yards[7]

Note: the use of a Vingt[8] was in error, it was supposed to be a mille.[7]

Volume Edit

  • Potatoes were measured in bushels[9]
  • Flour was sold by the barrel[9]

Geography Edit

The world on which the books take place is Terahnar. Most of the action takes place on the continent of Lydar (later occupied entirely by the country of Solidar). See Imager Portfolio Geography for details.

Chronometry Edit

For units of time, including time of day, days of week, seasons and months of year, see Imager Chronometry.

Chronology Edit

See Imager Timeline

Articles in the Imager Portfolio Universe Edit

References Edit

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