Time in the Imager Portfolio fictional universe was measured in somewhat unfamiliar units. A rough equivalence chart:

Familiar unit Imager unit Comment
Minute Unit A bit smaller than a minute
Quarter hour Quint Fifth of a glass, or 20 units
Hour Glass Glass is 100 units
Day Day Day contains 20 glasses and is roughly similar to ours
Week Week 7 days, as usual
Month Month Each month is exactly 35 days, or 5 weeks
Season Season A season is 2 months
Year Year A year is 5 seasons, or 10 months, or 350 days

The author wrote:[1]

The days of the week are, in order: Solayi, Lundi, Mardi, Meredi, Jeudi, Vendrei, Samedi. Samedi is usally a half day for work, and Solayi is the equivalent of Sunday.

Each month is 35 days, and the first day of every month is Solayi.

There are ten five-week months to the year, grouped into five seasons, each of two months: Winter, Spring. Summer, Harvest, and Fall. The year begins with the first month of winter, and ends with the last day of fall. The months are: Ianus (W), Fevier(W), Maris(Sp), Avryl (Sp), Mayas (S), Juyn(S), Agostos (H), Erntyn (H), Feuillyt(F), Finitas (F).

Days of Week Edit

  1. Solayi (Sunday)
  2. Lundi
  3. Mardi
  4. Meredi
  5. Jeudi
  6. Vendrei
  7. Samedi (Saturday)

Months of Year Edit

Winter Ianus
Spring Maris
Summer Mayas
Harvest Agostos
Fall Feuillyt

Time of Day Edit

Per the author:[2]

A glass is longer than our hour, somewhere around 75 of our minutes,but measured in 100 units of Terahnar time, so the length of the day is roughly comparable, but Terahnar units are shorter than our minutes.

A quint is a fifth of a glass, or 20 units.

References Edit

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