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We hope you'd like to contribute to this wiki, by adding new articles, or correcting and improving existing ones. This page describes little things that make pages consistent.

New User Instructions Edit

User Account Edit

If you don't have a wiki login, please create a login, and then start editing pages. The best way to see how to add or change content is to click the "edit" on an existing page, and see how existing pages are organized.

Optionally, you may want to create your user page to tell others a bit about yourself. See Help:User page for more information.

Editing Edit

The following link is a useful summary of general wiki markup: Wiki markup.

Licensing Edit

Please respect copyright rules when incorporating material from other sources.

Also note that contribution to this wiki are generally licensed to the general public under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Wiki Wiki Style Conventions Edit

So far, we've worked out some conventions for grammatical tense, categories of articles, character page names, and book references.

Grammatical Tense Edit

Most of the articles in this wiki are written in-universe, that is from the frame of reference that the fictional universe that is being described is real. Those articles are generally written in past tense. The exception are real world articles, which include author and source material information.[1]

Categories Edit

We have a tree of categories.

Universe Edit

The most general category is the fictional universe, e.g. Corean Chronicles. This is generally the same as the publisher designation.

Book Hierarchy Edit

  • Series (optional, multiple books within a universe that feature the same major character(s) and are close in time)
    • Book
    • Story

Place Hierarchy Edit

  • World (Planet? Plane, e.g. Rational Stars)
    • Continent
      • Province/Country
      • Polity or State?
        • Subdivision, district, etc.
        • Settlement: City, Town Village
          • Structure
          • Business or office
      • Landform: Mountain, Hill, River, Lake, Swamp
    • Ocean

Characters and Groups Edit

  • Characters
  • Should Polity/State be here?

Book References (Citations) Edit

The citations should be done using a template: {{Cite|BOOK-CODE|CHAPTER-NUMBER}}, where BOOK-CODE is a short version of the book title, e.g. LP for Lady-Protector.

References Edit

  1. See for more rationale