Cyador's Heirs
Universe Saga of Recluce
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The next Recluce book, Cyador's Heirs, will take place in Hamor, which has been heavily influenced by Cyador.[1]

Publication History Edit

  • 2013-07-02: the book is complete and submitted to editors. The tentative title is Cyador's Heirs (previous mentions have been of Heirs of Cyador). The tentative publication date is April/May 2014.[2]

Description Edit


The seventeenth novel in the New York Times bestselling Saga of Recluce

Decades after the fall of Cyador, its survivors have reestablished themselves in Cigoerne, a fertile country coveted by its hostile neighbors in less hospitable lands. Young Lerial, the second son of Duke Kiedron, lives in the shadow of his older brother Lephi, the heir to their father's realm. Lerial’s future seemes preordained: He will one day command his brother’s forces in defense of Cigoerne, serving at his older sibling’s pleasure, and no more.

But when Lerial is sent abroad to be fostered by Major Altyrn to learn the skills and wisdom he will need to fulfill his future duties, he begins a journey into a much larger world that brings out his true potential. For Lerial has talents that few, as yet, suspect: He is one of those rare beings who can harness both Order and Chaos, the competing natural forces that shape the world and define the magic that exists within it. And as war finally engulfs the fringes of Cigoerne, Lerial’s growing mastery of Order and Chaos is tested to its limits, and his own.

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