The Corean Chronicles fictional universe includes the following books:

  1. Legacies
  2. Darknesses
  3. Scepters
  4. Alector's Choice
  5. Cadmian's Choice
  6. Soarer's Choice
  7. Lord Protector's Daughter
  8. Lady-Protector

General Information Edit

Geography (Astronomy?) Edit

At least five planets have been identified.

For talented individuals, near-instant travel was possible using using ley lines. A portal simplified such transit. The portals set by Alectors were called tables.

Aciafra Edit

Inefra Edit

Ifryn Edit

  • Illustra was the capital.
  • Yarat was apparently a city: He was a street poet from Yarat.[1]

Efra Edit

Can I not miss the soaring spires of Deconar? Or the high domes of Peshmenat?[2]

Acorus or Corus Edit


Map of Corus from Scepters, Tor 2004

The world where most of the action takes place, giving the name to the fictional universe.

The distance was measured in vingts. A quarter vingt was equal to 500 yards, making a vingt 2000 yards long (about the length of a nautical mile).

Lustrea Edit

Iron Valleys Edit

Dramur Edit

Lanachrona Edit

Madrien Edit

Deforya Edit

Illegea Edit

Ongelya Edit

The Empty Quint Edit

Numerals Edit

Non-standard or uncommon words used for counting or quantities.

  • Brace: 2 a brace of two-shot pistols
  • Quint: 5 two quints of guards
  • Score: 20

Chronometry Edit

Days of Week Edit

The weeks are 10 days long.

  1. Londi
  2. Duadi
  3. Tridi
  4. Quattri
  5. Quinti
  6. Sexdi
  7. Septi
  8. Octdi
  9. Novdi
  10. Decdi

Months of Year Edit

There are seasons. The first week of a season (or perhaps month) is oneweek: paid on Duadi of oneweek.[8]

Month names include:

  • Duem
  • Triem
  • Qauttrem
  • Octem
  • Ten month, as in I was born on the fortieth of ten month[9]

Month evidently had at least 40 days.

A quint is probably a fifth of a year: send our reports every quint. Possibly five months?

Time of Day Edit

A glass was a measure of time, about an hour, from an hourglass. A quint was one fifth of a glass. There were ten glasses per day: On the polished white oak stand beside the bed was a mechanical glass, the circular face with its single hand. There were five marks between each of the ten triangles.[10]

Chronology Edit

See Corean Chronicles Timeline.

Articles in the Corean Chronicles Universe Edit

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