Bhayar Chayarsyn
Male silhouette
Universe Imager Portfolio
Sex M
Spouse Aelina

Lord Bhayar Chayarsyn was the ruler of Telaryn. He became one on the death of his father, Lord Chayar. He was one of a line of aggressive, capable line of rulers, formerly known as the Yaran warlords of Montagne.[1]

His maternal ancestors included Pharsi women of influence and occasional foretelling. Both his sister, Vaelora, and his wife Aelina were capable women.

Bhayar was born in the year -1 AQ.

Bhayar had four other sisters; the oldest, Chaerila, had been married to Autarch Aliaro of Antiago for a year before dying in childbirth.[1]

Bhayar was an enlightened lord. He did not believe in torture. Those who failed were exiled to distant locales. Those who stole or did worse vanished forever.[2]

His son, Clayar, was expected to be his heir.[3]

He was a wiry man with brownish black hair and dark blue eyes.[4]

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