Author L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
Cover Artist Matt Stawicki
Publisher Tor Books
Publication Date January 2010
ISBN 978-0-7653-2381-1
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Mage-Guard of Hamor
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Arms-Commander is the sixteenth book of The Saga of Recluce.

Official SummaryEdit

The keep of Westwind, located in the cold mountainous heights called the Roof of the World, is facing attack by the adjoining land of Gallos. Arthanos, son and heir to the ailing Prefect of Gallos, wishes to destroy Westwind because the idea of a land, no matter how small and how isolated, where women rule is total anathema to him.

Saryn, Arms-Commander of Westwind, is dispatched to a neighboring land, Lornth, to seek support against the Gallosians. But Zeldyan, regent of Lornth, has problems in her family. To secure Zeldyan’s aid, Saryn must pledge her personal support—and any Westwind guard forces she can raise—to the defense of Zeldyan and her son.

The fate of four lands, including Westwind, rest on Saryn's actions.